A Call To Prayer

A Call To Prayer

'Can you not tarry one hour?'  Matthew 26:40

Jesus would ask his disciples this question as He faced his betrayal and crucifixion.  

Perhaps prayer meetings have gone out of fashion in recent years. We're tired, busy, distracted by many things and the thought of leaving home and sitting in room with a bunch of folks we may not know ... well, it's just not real appealing.

But as a church we are convinced we should meet regularly to pray. We feel the need to seek God for his power, provision and direction. We are excited about ministry opportunities and we want to ask the Lord to step in, to take charge, to make a way for Cornerstone to move forward in Holy Spirit anointing. We are desperate to see the Lord at work in his power for His glory in the world.

Cornerstone Church gathers together in prayer.

We meet together to pray for God's Holy Spirit to be poured out on us and on our church. As we pray, we do our best to not only speak, but also to spend some time listening for God's voice.

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