Living Stones Children's Ministry

Living Stones Children's Ministry

Children ages 4 to Grade 5.

Our School School programs are lead by teachers with a passion for the kids of Cornerstone and a wonderful heart for the Lord. Our class rooms are fun, clean and exciting. The kids will learn what the Bible has to say and how it applies to their lives. Each Sunday we have special snacks, crafts, games, lessons and many other exciting things for our kids!

Our Sunday School is made up of two classes:
Jewels (grade 1 - grade 3)
Rocks (grade 4 - grade 5)

Wisdom & Wonder
Wisdom & Wonder is a Bible-based Sunday School Curriculum developed for Foursquare Canada, for children ages nursery to 13 years. It is written with the philosophy that churches are called to help families raise their children in the faith, but not to take over that responsibility (Deuteronomy 6:4-9).
The lessons are organized quarterly and follow a 3 year cycle. Each of the four age levels teach a similar Bible story to provide consistency. There are also family devotions that summarize the lesson, include a memory verse and activity ideas for families to continue the teaching throughout the week.

What will children learn at church?
In the Nursery years, it is important that the children hear that God loves them and learning about Him is fun.

In the Preschool years, it is important that the children learn that the Bible tells us how to live. In the Bible are stories about people that followed God, we can learn from their successes and failures.

In the Elementary years, it is important that the children learn how to use their Bibles - it is a library with different sections. It is helpful to memorize scripture. As they learn their stories they will learn how that story applies to their life today. 

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Children's Ministry Information

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